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Quality Inn & Suites by Choice Fishkill, NY 849 Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524


 Check-In:3:00 PM Check-Out: 11:00AM

Hotel requires valid credit cards are required at check in. The card must match the person and the ID that is checking in. The computer will not check a room in without a valid card. Guests may pay cash at check out and the authorization will be released off the card. The system also authorizes an additional $50 for incidentals which releases at check out. 

Ungrouped Amenities

Guests must cancel 7 days before arrival to avoid penalty of first night room rate plus tax for each room booked.

Room Rate Available
Double Queen Room (standard), nonsmoking
Two Queen Beds
$159.99 10
King Suite
King Suite with Pullout
$179.99 12

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