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Buffalo Airport Hotel 4600 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14225


 Check-in: 4:00PM Check-out: 11:00AM

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Additional amenities

$5 Microwave/Fridge Rental Per Day; Larger King Suite (w/pullout) available by request. Room has mini-fridge and microwave

Teams Cancellations: Teams must cancel prior to the cutoff and many not cancel more than 50% of reservations after the cutoff, to avoid penalty. Individual Cancellation: Individuals must cancel 72 hours prior to original reservation arrival to avoid penalty of first night room rate plus tax for each room booked.

Room Rate Available
Single King Room (standard), nonsmoking
Single King Bed
$179.00 Not Available
King bed and a full size sofa bed
1 king bed with 1 sofa bed
$179.00 5
Double Double Room(standard), nonsmoking
Two Double Beds
$179.00 7

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